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P2P Lending Survey: Platforms, Recent Advances and Prospects
          Zhao, Hongke ; Ge, Yong; Liu, Qi; Wang, Guifeng; Chen, Enhong; Zhang, Hefu
         TIST 8(6), May. 2017

Tensors for Data Mining and Data Fusion: Models, Applications, and Scalable Algorithms
          Papalexakis, Evangelos; Faloutsos, Christos; Sidiropoulos, Nicholas
          TIST 8(2), Aug. 2016

A Comprehensive Survey on Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
          Tao, Dacheng; Ding, Changxing
          TIST 7(3), Nov. 2015

Intelligent Evacuation Management Systems: A Review      
          Mohd Ibrahim, Azhar; Venkat, Ibrahim; K.G., Subramanian; Khader, Ahamad Tajudin; De Wilde,             Philippe
          TIST 7(3), Nov. 2015


Trajectory Data Mining: An Overview
Yu Zheng
TIST 6(3), May 2015.

When Location Meets Social Multimedia: A Survey on Vision-Based Recognition and Mining for Geo-Social Multimedia Analytics
Rongrong Ji, Yue Gao, Wei Liu, Xing Xie, Qi Tian, Xuelong Li
TIST 6(1), April 2015.

Sponsored Search Auctions: Recent Advances and Future Directions
Tao Qin, Wei Chen, Tie-Yan Liu
TIST 5(4), January 2015.

Urban Computing: Concepts, Methodologies, and Applications
Yu Zheng, Licia Capra, Ouri Wolfson, Hai Yang
TIST 5(3), September 2014.

Mining search and browse logs for web search: A Survey
Daxin Jiang, Jian Pei, Hang Li
TIST 4(4), September 2013.

A survey of appearance models in visual object tracking
Xi Li, Weiming Hu, Chunhua Shen, Zhongfei Zhang, Anthony Dick, Anton Van Den Hengel
TIST 4(4), September 2013.

Factorization Machines with libFM
Steffen Rendle
TIST 3(3), May 2012.

Machine Recognition of Music Emotion: A Review
Yi-Hsuan Yang, Homer H. Chen
TIST 3(3), May 2012.

Submodularity and its Applications in Optimized Information Gathering
Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin
TIST 2(4), July 2011.

LIBSVM: A library for support vector machines
Chih-Chung Chang, Chih-Jen Lin
TIST 2(3), April 2011.

Social network analysis and mining for business applications
Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo, Aristides Gionis, Alejandro Jaimes
TIST 2(3), April 2011.

Active learning in multimedia annotation and retrieval: A survey
Meng Wang, Xian-Sheng Hua
TIST 2(2), February 2011

Performance metrics for activity recognition
Jamie A. Ward, Paul Lukowicz, Hans W. Gellersen
TIST 2(1), January 2011

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