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 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST, Impact Factor: 3.19; 5-year Impact Factor 10.47) is a scholarly journal that publishes the highest quality papers on intelligent systems, applicable algorithms and technology with a multi-disciplinary perspective. An intelligent system is one that uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to offer important services (e.g., as a component of a larger system) to allow integrated systems to perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently in the real world.

ACM TIST is published quarterly (six issues a year). Each issue has 8-11 regular papers, with around 20 published journal pages or 10,000 words per paper. Additional references, proofs, graphs or detailed experiment results can be submitted as a separate appendix, while excessively lengthy papers will be rejected automatically. Authors can include online-only appendices for additional content of their published papers and are encouraged to share their code and/or data with other readers. Published articles can be accessed through the ACM Digital Library. To facilitate open access, meta data on the published papers can be freely accessed. Authors can post their accepted manuscripts and supplementary material online for others to download.

SCI Expanded Index (ISSN: 2157-6904) and EI Index (ISSN:2157-6904). 

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